Mothers today want to find the right balance between all aspects of their life. Too often in our culture, moms are expected to try to “do it all” and “have it all.” However, the truth is, moms are not superheroes. No matter how much time and love they give to their children, every mother still needs to occasionally rely on the support and resources of friends and family. They want to get information and advice from social media communities and look to companies like Medela to deliver helpful products that work.

When looking for breastfeeding accessories, moms depend on products being versatile and fit for the purpose. They want to breastfeed in order to give their baby all the benefits of breast milk. Moms also sometimes need the convenience of breast pumps, bottle-feeding, and other breastfeeding accessories. After all, moms have to be away from their baby sometimes – for work, play, exercise or free time with other adults. There also might be temporary health problems that require a mom to take time away from breastfeeding.

Do not hesitate to ask a partner, friend or mother/mother-in-law to help. Men often want to help feed their baby from a bottle as part of becoming more engaged and actively involved. Even though breastfeeding is the one job that “only” moms can do, there are many occasions where others can help you by feeding pumped breast milk. Check out this article on how to choose the best breast pump for your lifestyle and then let the baby’s father, a friend or family member have the fun and satisfaction of feeding the baby expressed milk from a bottle.

Once you have learned how to effectively pump breast milk and store and re-warm your pumped breast milk, the next decision is which bottle to use. One of the biggest challenges with bottle-feeding is trying to re-create the actual process of breastfeeding for the baby. Ideally, the baby should have the same experience feeding with the bottle as they have with suckling from the breast. This is also important to help the baby avoid nipple confusion or “breast refusal.”

Design of Medela Calma Feeding Solution Was Based on Research

The Calma design was developed with extensive research in cooperation with breastfeeding experts from the Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group at the University of Western Australia. The team studied babies’ natural feeding behaviour in order to make sure that the baby can use the Calma system in the same way – to drink, pause and breathe while staying calm and settled.

Baby Sucks with the Calma Like They Do at the Breast

Calma is Convenient and Safe to Use

There is no need to choose between different shapes and sizes. The Calma feeding solution comes in one size and is suitable for the entire breastfeeding period, just like the breast. The Calma feeding solution is also compatible with Medela bottles and provides the option of pumping breast milk directly into the same bottle that is later used for feeding. The Calma feeding system, like other Medela breastfeeding products that are exposed to breast milk, is BPA-free, Swiss made and safe for you and your baby.

Another benefit of the Calma feeding system is that it makes it so easy for the baby’s father, siblings, grandparents and other family members to feed and bond with the baby. Thanks to the valve in the milk-flow control system of Calma, the baby is in control. Milk only flows through the small hole when the baby creates a vacuum and stops flowing when they pause.

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