Life just got a little bit simpler thanks to MyMedela, the brand NEW App that will help you track everything baby!

You spend nine months planning, reading, preparing and imagining what life will be like with a new baby. Then when the birth is in the rear view mirror (and you did great!) you have this new little being in your arms and life suddenly gets a little bit more hectic, intense, joyous, and at times even a bit overwhelming! Try not to stress, the good news is that this intensity of motherhood is only going to last another 18 years! (Just kidding, it’s more like 30!)

Often times, you will be discharged from the hospital with flowers, congratulations and a mile-long list of all the things you need to track about you and your baby. At doctor appointments, you will be asked things like; how often does your baby feed? for how long? what color is the pee and poo? how many diapers per day? The questions continue with how many hours does the baby sleep? And oh yes, how is breastfeeding going? You may also question yourself, looking at your new life with baby and asking “what’s normal – am I doing things right?”

No need to worry! MyMedela has made the tracking of everything baby easy, fast, accurate and fun! This free, bilingual app is designed specifically for Canadian moms like you, to help make those first few (blurry) months of parenthood just a little bit easier. MyMedela is like having a knowledgeable breastfeeding expert on call 24 hours a day. It helps you to track your baby’s key activities, provides breastfeeding tips and encouragement and you can find answers to many of your questions 24/7! Even better, you can bring your phone to your baby’s check-ins, and with the helpful charts created from the data you entered, you can share all the relevant information with your healthcare professional!

If you download MyMedela in your 3rd trimester, there are loads of useful articles about pregnancy, getting ready for life with baby, and helpful tips for making your breastfeeding journey a smooth one. You can watch a short video and get a sense of what MyMedela is all about at

TOP 6 Reasons to download MyMedela TODAY


You can use MyMedela to monitor your breastfeeding and pumping sessions (i.e. left or right breast, duration of pump/feed, the volume of feed and more details about the session!) You can also keep tabs on your baby’s height, weight, sleep, and diaper changes. Your entries are tracked and charted and show the growth and development of your baby.

Enables Sharing with Healthcare Professionals

After tracking your baby’s key information, the data is summarized in quick and easy to read charts and tables that you can share with healthcare professionals. Just bring your phone to your next appointment!

Helps You Never Miss an Important Moment

MyMedela helps you manage your goals and celebrate your accomplishments. It acts as a supportive friend, looking out for you by sending helpful tips, reminders, and motivations based on your unique data and progress.

Helps You Gain Confidence with Breastfeeding

MyMedela gives you the personalized content you need to successfully breastfeed for as long as you choose. It helps you understand your strengths and identify areas of focus in order to reach your goals. MyMedela features a Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment, and once you complete this, the app understands what you want to achieve and it knows how to support you to meet your goals!

Features Extensive Q&A and Articles customized just for YOU

MyMedela features a wealth of articles and extensive Q&A with tips and tricks about breastfeeding & pumping, life with baby, motherhood, managing relationships, breast milk storage, and much more. Articles are customized just for you, based on where you are in your pregnancy, the age of your baby and/or the results your Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment.

Offers exclusive Member Benefits

MyMedela users are able to enjoy exclusive member benefits like surprise discount codes.

By making the tracking of everything baby easy and fun, MyMedela helps you spend time on what matters: your amazing parenting experience!

MyMedela is available on the Apple and Google Play Stores and it’s the ONLY app of its kind available to Canadian moms in both French and English.

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