One of the fun things about becoming a mother is that it gives you the chance to meet other women who are going through similar experiences. Whether you want breastfeeding support or just to meet new friends for tea and a chat, babies are an endless source of conversation and sharing. If you are looking for a more organized networking group that can connect you with like-minded moms, there are also many options in Canada.

When you first start breastfeeding, it’s easy to feel like you are “on your own.” This is one of the reasons that breastfeeding support groups are so important. They help women to stay motivated and allow them to share and learn from the experiences of other moms. Sometimes, all we need to feel confident are a few words of encouragement.

So, take heart – you are not alone! In addition to Lactation Consultants and Birthing Hospitals and provincial organizations, there are plenty of other options. Here are a few community moms groups and online networking groups that can help provide breastfeeding support and other help for mothers:


MeetUp is a well-established online networking resource. The site makes it easy to find and connect with a number of moms groups with a variety of interests. Just go to the site and search for groups by entering your postal code anywhere in Canada. You’ll see a list of groups and organizations, some of which are focused on just one neighbourhood, or even street.

Many of the groups are open to other family members, so dads and children are invited to participate. For example, if you search for “breastfeeding,” within a 50 mile radius of Toronto, you’ll find many different groups like “Parenting 101” and “Hot Mom in Training – Fitness and Friendship.” If you don’t see a group in your area, you can start your own meetup!

Social Common

Social Common is a social club for moms based in Toronto. In their own words, they provide a place “where like-minded moms connect, inspire and grow within a social and entertaining environment.” This group is unique because the events take place after the children’s bedtime – so moms can get some much-needed “alone time” with other adults. They also do live streaming events so that moms all over Canada can participate. Social Common claims to “put the cool back in mommy groups” and offers a variety of event formats, such as Dine & Discuss, Speaker & Social, Cocktails & Convo and more. They offer a free newsletter and members get access to discounts and special offers.

Modern Mama

Modern Mama is a social and educational resource for moms with local coordinators in 12 cities across Canada. They are dedicated to getting moms out of the house again! Joining a moms’ networking group like Modern Mama is a great way to share new ideas on parenting, get access to classes and speakers, and join in fun family-friendly activities in your city.

Canadian Moms Online

Canadian Moms Online is home to the Canadian Moms Community, which bills itself as a “highly monitored, spam-free and non-judgmental” forum where moms, moms-to-be or women who are trying to conceive can connect to talk about the things that are on their mind. Forum topics include support and advice about trying to conceive, pregnancy, newborns and infants all the way to toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Manitoba Mums

Manitoba Mums is an online community for mothers in the province of Manitoba, with information on playgroups, moms’ night outs and other fun events. They have a vibrant and engaged online forum giving women in Manitoba a way to reach out online to other moms locally and across Canada.

Kelly Mom

Kelly Mom is a great resource on breastfeeding, infant nutrition, and other moms’ concerns. The site is absolutely packed with useful and well-researched articles that attempt to be objective and reasonable.

The site offers resources, books, and videos. What we like most about Kelly Mom is their warm and supportive tone. It is designed for both parents and professionals to interact and share insights, and the Kelly Mom Facebook page has over 220,000 fans.

Yummy Mummy Club

The Yummy Mummy Club is a Canadian website for moms. They are dedicated to helping mothers strike a balance between the needs of their families and their own needs and interests. Their mission is to give moms a place to “spill it” and talk about whatever’s on their mind. The site has fun, candid articles on topics like how to get rid of mommy guilt and how to reuse an old diaper bag as a fun travel bag.

Ottawa Valley Moms

Ottawa Valley Moms is an informative, community-oriented website for moms in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley area. The site has parenting articles, advice, information on upcoming events in the Ottawa Valley, and a variety of discounts and ticket giveaways. This site is a great place to start for moms in Ottawa who want to connect with things that are going on in the community.

Whether you need practical breastfeeding advice, parenting inspiration, or just want a place to go to connect and share with like-minded moms, there are plenty of options in Canada! Hopefully these ideas will help you find a greater sense of community, wherever in Canada you live!

Are you a breastfeeding mom in Canada? Where do you go for breastfeeding and motherhood support, online or in your community? Please share your thoughts with the other women in our community in the comments section below. Or join the conversation on our Medela Canada Facebook page.

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