Breastfeeding: How often? How much? And more…

Studies have shown that babies breastfeed 4 and 13 times per day.  Many women are totally surprised at their baby’s hunger for breastmilk.

Check out this infographic for fascinating breastfeeding facts and to learn about the “range of normal” when it comes to breastfeeding your baby.

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There’s More Than One Position to Breastfeed

There are no “rules” when it comes to breastfeeding positions. It’s perfectly normal to breastfeed while lying down, or using a pillow. Check out the different breastfeeding positions and find the one that works best for you and your baby.

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There are Ways to Deal with an Overactive Milk Supply

Most mothers may have a slight overproduction of breastmilk at the beginning. Over time, the milk production becomes adjusted to the baby’s need.

Typically, mothers who produce too much milk may suffer from full, engorged breasts, plugged ducts, and mastitis. These tips may help you to reduce your milk production:

  • Offer only one breast at each feeding. Allow your baby to breastfeed on this one side as long as he wants and keep him at this breast for the next two hours if he wants to nurse again.
  • To avoid engorgement in the other breast, hand express just enough milk to stay comfortable. But express only if necessary and only the amount you need to feel relieved. Do not empty the breast completely.
  • Apply cold compresses to the breast after feeding the baby.
  • Drink a cup of sage tea. Sage contains a natural form of estrogens that can decrease your milk supply.
  • Peppermint tea has a similar effect but not as strong as sage tea.
  • Consult your lactation specialist if it is necessary to reduce you milk supply.

Not producing enough milk for your baby? These tips can help you increase your milk production.


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